EOSfm Remembers Paul Bäumer


It is with immensely sad news that I announce Paul Bäumer of Bingo Players passed away yesterday due to cancer. Those that attended both his and Maarten’s shows remember just how much energy was packed into every one. If one didn’t want to dance then they had to skip out on a Bingo Players set because footwork was guaranteed. Audiences from all over the world were captivated on not just the DJ sets but the music. Practically every single and remix they churned out was fire, two Prometheus beings bringing House music to Beatport and rocking the charts. But one of their iconic successes was the founding of Hysteria Records, a label for all things Electro and bass heavy that continues to see innovation and success today. Paul truly lived a short but fantastic, rich, and wonderful life filled with love for his fans, immense musical talent, and energy. We wish nothing but love and support to his family, fans, and Maarten.



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Track of the Week: Joe Ford – Culture


Just how long has it been since you’ve heard a piece of Electronic music unlike anything you’ve ever heard? Perhaps it was some crazy, pulsating 4×4 House with manipulated side chain and a melody that made you go “whoa”. Maybe it was Glitch Hop with devious snares and wicked-tight bass. Well, upon hearing Joe Ford’s latest track “Culture” off the self titled EP one can only think to themselves about just how original, unforgettable, and yes, unlike anything you’ve ever heard it is.

The opening has a Middle Eastern, mysterious feel to it. It creates atmosphere for virtually a fifth of the song which only accentuates that which is to come. The build up feels slow, proper, and intense all at the same time. But, since this is Dubstep, there is indeed a drop and it is completely different from anything you’ve ever heard. It’s a clashing orgy of brutal basslines, sinister snares, and NOISIA like structure. This sounds like something Amon Tobin or NOISIA themselves would make due to simply how unique it is as well as the drum sequences. You can tell a lot of work has gone into this track and fully appreciate it’s intricacy. “Culture” is unlike anything I’ve heard and earns it’s rightful place as Track of the Week.

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Track of the Week: TC – Get Down Low


Back again, back again, back again. Apologies for the delay but it wasn’t for naught as we have plenty of upcoming goodies for you all INCLUDING an interview with an OWLSA artist (stay tuned). But for now the answer to your dying question, “What was the best track released in the last seven days?” Well the answer comes from Bristol Drum and Bass producer TC in his latest EP released off OWLSA in the form of “Get Down Low”.


The track was first premiered in Dog Blood’s Ultra Music Festival debut set and boy did it get some phenomenal feedback. The opening sounds like a riot alarm and bears a devious melody with a male vocal proclaiming “Everybody get down low” and when the beat drops we’re inclined to obliged. It’s a very fresh tune and the perfect fusion of both Trap and D&B alike. And that second drop? Yeesh, one can barely hold back the urge to two-step. Considering we’ve been waiting since last March for this one, the release comes as a welcome surprise for both new and old fans of TC alike. “Get Down Low” wins the Track of the Week!


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Club Cinema Bashes Porter Robinson


Well, looks like the South Florida scene earns another black spot on its name as local EDM hotspot, Club Cinema, has taken to bashing Porter Robinson publicly via their Facebook page. You can read below the post in which the club calls him a “fake DJ” and telling him to “get a job”. Ouch. However, Porter also took to Twitter to talk about the club calling it a “garbage venue” and damning the security guards for not letting them meet with him.

Despite all this it doesn’t appear Porter is even fazed by this due to his recent signage to French label Astralwerks, joining the likes of Phoenix, Fatboy Slim, and deadmau5. He continued on Twitter saying “my new music is going to make that point super clear. i like beauty and truth and expression and art and party music limits all of that”. So, we have some new music on the way but this does beg the question, just what happened that night and why was security such a problem. You can read both Club Cinema and Porter’s responses below.





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Jeremy Ellis Wows on the Maschine

You like Electronic music right? I mean, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be on this very site and glancing over these articles. Point being you like Electronic music, whether it comes in the form of House, Trap, Drum and Bass, whatever. Yet despite that love there’s always that slight urge to see it live. Some have pre-recorded sets but others are quite talented and reconstruct their music live for crowds on the fly. That certain live aspect of making Electronic music is rarely seen but when it happens, the right way, it’s a spectacle to behold. That’s why the new advertisement for Native Instruments’ Maschine (a combination drum machine and MIDI controller with wicked capabilities) featuring none other than Finger-God Jeremy Ellis is one of the best examples of live instrumentation out there today. For 3 minutes he makes use of his fingers as he takes you through Trance, Hip Hop, and Electronica. Oh, and it’s all done live. All those effects you’re hearing, build ups, all done on the fly. You can barely keep track of his fingers as they glide over the buttons with seeming ease. What really did it for me was the FlyLo-esque switch up in the last third of the video. Jeremy is so talented even the likes of Araabmuzik would be put to shame. You just have to check this out.



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Track of the Week: Mat Zo – Lucid Dreams


Remember when Mat Zo made a bad song? No? Well neither can we. The 23-year-old British producer and DJ has seemingly been making good songs since his debut and if you tried to find a single bad song then you’re out of luck. The Anjunabeats member has garnered quite the following. After listening to his catalog and attending a show of his (which I had the pleasure of doing) it’s understandable just why he’s where he is. He’s collaborated with the likes of Arty, Porter Robinson, and remixed U2, Tiesto, and Empire of the Sun. This week he debuted a new single entitled “Lucid Dreams” and it further chisels out his record of never having a bad song.


The song is not Trance, something he established himself for and got him to where he is today. “Lucid Dreams” is a techy, glitched out Electro House track that borders on the progressive. From the chopped vocal samples in the beginning to the devious bass synths at the end your attention is commanded at every point. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard which pretty much sums up any of Mat Zo’s songs to date. The real beauty is the part clocking in at the first minute however. It’s a Daft Punk-esque melody and sound that fully immerses you in the music if you haven’t been already. By the time the huge, big-room type drop comes it feels natural and pushes your desire to move even further. Mat’s putting an album out soon very, very soon and has been dedicating time nonstop to touring, promotion, and interviews. The album was already hyped about but after this single I’m definitely going to say it’ll be a must listen for 2013. Don’t sleep on it!

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